We are a team of humans excited about bringing Deep Technology to businesses. 


At 9 Space, we understand the growing complexity of working with business data and streamlining business functions. The era of establishing online presence and using social media platforms has passed. Today businesses make use of more and more software resources to run their operations. Despite the increase usage of software technologies businesses now face the challenge of how to make use of and manage the data that is available.

The success of adopting and leverage digital technology for their business starts with understanding how the right kinds of technology can simplify the way work gets done and fully transform customer experience. Capitalizing this will ensure the business is ready for the rapidly changing digital economy and reap the success from innovative technology.  

At 9 Space we are innovators, pioneers and creative technologists. We want to provide customers the foundation to delivering new solutions and give access to Deep Technologies such as AI and Machine Learning to take digital transformation one generation further.

9 Space designed the Open App Stack framework called NineStack to accelerate development of enterprise-grade solutions. 9 Space developed the Cloud-Native platform called NineCloud to become your enterprise platform to run, build and optimise operational technologies to streamline business functions, improve customer experience and connect all your business data. Our 9 Space agency, NineCX, provides IT consultancy, development and support services to help future-proof your digital strategy.

We provide the technologies, people and the labs to help you reach your business goals.



We are innovators, creators and builders.

Stay ahead of the game and let us show you the endless possibilities and solutions to help you achieve success with technology.

Come and learn from our designers, engineers and PMs and let them work collaboratively with your team to deliver the transformation and success for your organisation by building disruptive software products. 


We transform how the world builds software.

Our open reusable programming model empowers your organisation to stay ahead in this ever changing world of technology.

Head over to our products and see how our Nine App technology stack accelerates Cloud-Native application development. Our Nine Cloud Kubernetes platform will quickly deploy and operate your modern applications on any cloud provider of your choice.


We have "been there and done that".

You may be a small team starting out or a large enterprise team with no resources to spare. We can support you when you need it the most.

Let us help you in certain areas of technology operations, management and support until your organisation and team are back in control to take things back into your own hands.

Innovative Cloud and Deep  Technology for your company


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