Rapidly build custom apps and intelligent workflows that automate business processes on the 9Cloud Platform.

NineUI is a form-driven Javascript front-end stack for Bootstrap 3/4 and AngularJS, Angular and ReactJS.

Unifying the beauty of CoreUI and power of NineCloud


CoreUI is a Bootstrap Admin Template, an MIT licensed open source project and completely free to use. NineUI are reusable Bootstrap JS Components aka the building blocks!

Bring the two together and you have ready-to-go apps deployed and powered by the NineCloud platform.

Designed to work with the most popular frameworks and libraries.

NodeJS, Larevel, Symfony, RoR, Django, Angular or React etc. Then include the NineUI for reusable forms, components and integration with cloud services like Salesforce, Slack and much more!


NineUI for AngularJS

Go to Angular JS version 

Nine SDK for Angular JS available for 9Cloud Platform version 1+
Bootstrap 3 only available for 9Cloud Platform version 1


NineUI for Angular 2+

Go to Angular 2+ version 

Nine SDK for Angular 2+ available for 9Cloud Platform version 2+ only


NineUI for React.js

Go to React.js version 

Nine SDK for React.js available for 9Cloud Platform version 2+ only

Reusable components for your JS framework

Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Stay ahead once bootstrap 4 is officially released. All Bootstrap 4 components ready with admin layout.

Popular JS Framework

Designed to work with JS framework of your choice Angular or React.js.

Rapid Form-driven Development

Build apps with form-driven design and development using the Nine Form and UI builder. Less coding and more CX/UX focus.

Ready-to-go Building Blocks

Add logins, single-sign on, forms, messaging, data integration using the 9 Cloud SDK and API connector.


  CoreUI CoreUI Pro NineUI NineUI Cloud
  Bootstrap 4 Admin Template
and Components.
Core UI plus
additional JS compontents.
Bootstrap 4 front-end stack.
Create standalone web apps.
Design using Bootstrap UI builders.
Embed supported forms.
Ready-made block components.
Embed services with 9Cloud.
Integrate with 9Cloud.
 Connect external data with 9Cloud.
All Boostrap 4 Components
Bootstrap 4 Admin template
Form Builder
Embed Forms
Responsive preview
SASS compiler
Build System
Instant Deployment
9 Cloud Components
User Logins
Admin Logins
Form Data Management
Data Integration
Resource Management
Single-Sign On (SSO)
Reporting & Analytics
Continuous Updates
Email Support


CoreUI Pro


Valid 9Cloud License

Download Try CoreUI Pro Download Log into 9Cloud

Build a usable web app in minutes



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