We Transform How the World Builds Software


Nine Lab's approach to modern application development has resulted in the design and creation of tools and platform which enables organisations to build simple to enterprise-grade systems in a matter of days not months

Take all solutions or choose only the ones that you need to the missing gaps in your design and development team. Get started and build modern apps and enterprise-grade systems to transform your company today.


NineApps is our suite of portal and management applications that is entirely run and managed by us. With NineApps you get access to great solutions for specific business needs such as warehousing or inventory without worrying about how the service is maintained or managed.


NineBuilder is our powerful software platform that gives you flexibility and tools to build your apps with competence and security. Use our builder to create your own enterprise solutions - automate business processes with ease, seamlessly integrate with external applications and achieve more with mobile experiences.


NineServices are our common services for developers to utilise in the apps and stack without having to develop themselves.


NineStack is an Open App development framework that provides developers the best of the best frameworks, tools and components and systems to help accelerate their development. In conjunction with NineBuild it provides business operators and consultants to get involved with the design and development of any projects.


NineCloud is our platform to build, run and manage your cloud-native applications. It includes all the underlying infrastructure such as hardware, storage and operating systems and is entirely managed and maintained by us. This means you can be more focused on your business objectives and achieve more with the money and manpower available.

Rapid Prototype

Open App Stack

Scalable Cloud Platform



We are innovators, creators and builders.

Stay ahead of the game and let us show you the endless possibilities and solutions to help you achieve success with technology.

Come and learn from our designers, engineers and PMs and let them work collaboratively with your team to deliver the transformation and success for your organisation by building disruptive software products. 


We transform how the world builds software.

Our open reusable programming model empowers your organisation to stay ahead in this ever changing world of technology.

Head over to our products and see how our Nine App technology stack accelerates Cloud-Native application development. Our Nine Cloud Kubernetes platform will quickly deploy and operate your modern applications on any cloud provider of your choice.


We have "been there and done that".

You may be a small team starting out or a large enterprise team with no resources to spare. We can support you when you need it the most.

Let us help you in certain areas of technology operations, management and support until your organisation and team are back in control to take things back into your own hands.

Innovative Cloud and Deep  Technology for your company


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